St George’s Andorra status

For the three years 2017 to 2019 we are now a worship centre of St George’s Barcelona, under the supervision of the chaplain in Barcelona, Revd John Chapman and represented at synod by their synod reps. We have no churchwardens, officers or church council and will be represented at Barcelona church council meetings by John Pinnell, who will also keep our books under the supervision of the Treasurer in Barcelona, and act as local safeguarding contact for the Barcelona Safeguarding Officer. We have a small informal worship committee which will coordinate services and we have the invaluable assistance of Revd Deborah Chapman who will visit us eight tomes a year while Revd john Chapman will visit us four times a year. For our second monthly services we will continue to use worship CDs prepared for us by Revd Canon Mel Smith who is visiting us in April to renew his contacts with us and plan the next series of worship CDs.