– Safeguarding

Andorra-chaplaincy-safeguarding-policyThe Diocese in Europe has recently amended and extended its Safeguarding policy which covers the safeguarding of children (defined as anybody under the age of 18) and vulnerable adults. St George’s Andorra has adopted a safeguarding policy that is aligned with the diocesan safeguarding policy and reconfirmed its policy at the annual church meeting held on January 22, 2017.

The safeguarding policy is attached as an attachment able to be downloaded Andorra-chaplaincy-safeguarding-policy

The chaplaincy made its annual safeguarding return in January 2017 to the archdeacon.

John Pinnell has attended the required safeguarding training courses and is in then process of completing the vetting required by the diocesan safeguarding policy for safeguarding officers. What is outstanding is the validation that he has no blemish on his record dating back to the period prior to 1980 when he was resident in the United Kingdom. He has completed the vetting process for all periods since 1980. He is now the safeguarding delegate for the chaplaincy reporting to the Safeguarding Officer of St George’s Barcelona.

He may be contacted at john.pinnell@pinnejo.com at any time (he is not giving his mobile phone number as a contact as that is usually not answered while he is travelling away from Andorra, which he does frequently, for short periods each time).