Special Services


St. George’s does not have a resident chaplain or its own church building. Our ability to offer these services is dependent on the willingness and availability of licenced chaplains to come to Andorra to officiate at services, and on the availability of the parish church.

Inevitably, our circumstances require that we have adequate advance warning and sufficient advance information for us to be able to organize these services. Sadly, this also means that we may be unable to organize a funeral service with a chaplain within the short period of time that is customary here in Andorra between the death and the funeral.

As we have no resident chaplain, it is the Treasurer of St. George’s who needs to be given details of the service requested. He will then contact a chaplain to perform the service and the local parish priest to arrange for the use of the church. The chaplain will generally need to talk directly to the person requesting the service before confirming that he will hold the service.

An experienced member of the church will be available to help organize the service, especially with the choice of hymns, prayers and readings for the service, and with the drawing-up of a special church service sheet.

The Dean and Archdeacon of Gibraltar have approved the attached table of fees for services. The suggested donations are additional to our fees and donations are, naturally, at the discretion of the person requesting the service. Fees and donations will be received by the Treasurer who will issue receipts for all amounts involved.