Other matters..

Please do not hesitate to contact us in any circumstances for more information and advice based on our experience as a Church in the English-Speaking Community in Andorra.

As we do not have a resident chaplain, and are dependent on the goodwill and willingness to help of both active chaplains in the diocese and retired chaplains, who have to travel to reach us, the travel cost for a visiting chaplain is unpredictable. Total travel and accommodation costs for our visiting chaplains currently range between €200 and €500 per visit. We are very willing to work to facilitate a special service taking place to coincide with a pre arranged visit by a chaplain so as to eliminate the travel and accommodation costs associated with providing these special services.

The Churchwarden:
Michael Derham +376 363 707 (englishchurch@andorra.ad)

The Treasurer:
John Pinnell +376 355275 (john.pinnell@pinnejo.com)

Adviser on funeral and memorial service arrangements is Clare Allcard +376 344181 (allcards@fastem.com)