In Andorra it is customary for the funeral to be held very soon after the death (within 48 hours is common). For this reason, it may not be possible for St George’s to arrange for the services of a chaplain in this time. However, St. George’s is willing to help all those in need at such a time of stress and can help contact a local parish priest who would perform the service in a format which is essentially non denominational and usually bilingual. We have considerable experience in working with families and the local parish priests to arrange such services.

We would advise that a fee for a funeral would be payable wherever the churchwardens or experienced members of the chaplaincy council are involved in arranging a funeral.

Please note that local undertakers do not include our fees (or the fee it is customary to pay to a local parish priest) as part of their services.

For further information on arranging a funeral please see click here. Please also see our section on Memorial Services

Church adviser on funeral and memorial service arrangements is Clare Allcard +376 344181 (