St. George’s is part of the Anglican Church and is the English-speaking church of Andorra. We welcome and invite worshippers from all denominations to take an active part in our services and everybody to both attend our services and take part in our events and activities.

Until mid 2012, St George’s had always been based in the Comu of La Massana, and used various churches that were made available by the Mossen of the parish. Most recently St George’s had been holding services throughout the year at  Sant Iscle & Santa Victoria, the parish church of La Massana, situated in the old Carrer Major of La Massana.

We then moved to Santa Maria del Fener, a modern church located in the heart of Andorra la Vella,  where we held our first holy communion service on July 1, 2012. All our regular services were held at this “new” church where we were welcomed by the Mossen as visitors and worshippers. We have continued, however,  to hold our annual Christmas Eve carol service in La Massana parish church where we benefit from being able to use the organ.

As from January, 2017, we have become a worship centre of St George’s Barcelona under the supervision and guidance of its resident chaplain, Revd John Chapman, and with his wife, Revd Deborah Chapman, taking specific responsibility for visiting us regularly as well. This change enables us to dispense with certain local responsibilities, such as appointing churchwardens and a church council, and to function with a small worship service committee and a Treasurer. The change in status will help us reach out to people in the community as we will have regular visits for longer periods from the same chaplain, who can thus get to know us and our community and help us with outreach activity.

In 2020 our services were disrupted by Covid 19 restrictions. We managed to hold six main monthly services outdoors in Brenda Ross’s lovely garden and six CD based services at other outdoor venues. For 2021 we were able to hold one monthly service led by Revd John Chapman at Santa Maria del Fener in March and again in November. All other monthly services were held at a private apartment or in its lovely garden led by Revd Deborah Chapman. In 2022 this arrangement continued until in then autumn we received permission to start using the little church at Sispony. a hamlet in the parish of la Massana.

For 2023 and then foreseeable future we expect to be suing this little church each month.

For exact details of our services and any other events in the coming months please turn to our Church Events.

For help finding the church at Sispony and for La Massana and its parish church please turn to Find Us.

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We are part of the Diocese in Europe of the Anglican Church – with our members coming from a variety of different denominational backgrounds, including Anglican (both high and low church), Congregationalist, Dutch Reformed, Lutheran and Methodist. The churches we use are accessible by the disabled. If you are bringing somebody who is disabled, please do not hesitate to stop right in front of the church to let them out – whatever the traffic may seem like, you will always be allowed to help a disabled person.

Contacting us:

For general enquiries please send an e mail to englishchurch@runbox.eu

If you have a possible issue regarding Safeguarding at our church please contact John Pinnell (our Safeguarding representative) at his private email of pinnejo@yahoo.com leaving a contact number so you may be called back.