Table of Fees

Baptism – there is no fee for a baptism, as this forms part of a regular service organized by St. George’s and membership of the church is free to all.

Marriage – St. George’s performs the service for blessing of a marriage as under Andorran law it is not possible for us to be licensed to perform valid legal marriages. The fee for arranging and performing the service for blessing of a marriage is €300, and, in addition, it will be necessary to pay for the costs associated with bringing a chaplain to Andorra to perform the service.

Funerals and Memorial Services – the fee for either service is €250 plus the costs associated with bringing a chaplain to Andorra to perform the service. Given the preference in Andorra for burial or cremation to take place as soon as possible after the death, it may be difficult to arrange a funeral service with a chaplain. Where help is required to arrange a funeral with a local parish priest officiating the fee will also be charged. Where help is requested from the church for other forms of funeral or memorial services a reduced fee of €150 may be charged (to be donated to one of the charities supported by St George’s).

Additional fees will be charged for providing an organist at services (€50 – which will be paid to the organist) and for providing a choir (€100 – which will be donated to the Friends of the International Singers).

Chaplain travel costs – when we are unable to organize services to coincide with a visit by a chaplain for one of our regular Holy Communion services, the travel costs for a chaplain to provide the service will be charged at actual cost and will generally comprise mileage allowance (currently at 36c per kilometre) or airfare to and bus fare up from Barcelona, together with actual hotel and meals costs. These costs can range from €200 to €600 – with the potential costs for officiating at a funeral being most liable to vary upwards as we have to arrange a chaplain at short notice.

Suggested donations – St. George’s church in Andorra is dependent on donations and fund raising events to meet all running costs. Under the current rules of this chaplaincy, 10% of all amounts received are donated to a charity selected for the year by the Church Council. Donations, both to the church and specifically made for onward transmission to our selected charity or a selected Andorran local charity, would be very much appreciated by the church.



The Churchwardens:
Valerie Rymarenko +376 351 543 (
Michael Derham +376 363 707 (

The Treasurer:
John Pinnell +376 355275 (

Adviser on funeral and memorial service arrangements is Clare Allcard +376 344181 (