Photos – Recent Events

Simply stated – only Brenda has sent in photos that the editor feels like using – so this comment is a gentle reminder to members and visitors to send photos to John Pinnell please (see Contacts) – and set out below are some moments from the 2012 Church Garden Party:

Last first – as the day was fine and also one where the London Olympics were in full swing, Brenda decided to award “gold medals” to the three members of the clean top crew who helped after the party:






Revd Roy Greenwood was able to sit back and relax this year after conducting our service and saying grace at the Garden Party itself. Here he is relaxed and smiling:






Meanwhile,  to thank La Massana parish for all the help it has given us over the last 36 years as we move to use a new church in Andorra la Vella, we took advantage of the Church Garden Party to present a monstrance to Mossen Jordi for use in the parish church of La Massana. Here is the presentation moment with  Mossen Jordi and the group photo with members of the church council: