Who We Are

This page sets out just a few details about members of our church group who help organise our worship with Revd John Chapman and Revd Deborah Chapman.:

Valerie Rymarenko –  who was one of our two churchwardens for a marathon nine years and who was finally able to give up that responsibility in 2014. Valerie takes a deep interest in the form and content of our services and provides us all with an example of deeply felt spirituality, while “relaxing” with really ambitious patchwork projects and long walks.

Michael Derham – having held the position of churchwarden for over ten years, Michael brings lots of experience from two other vestries and a deep interest in hymns that must have been instilled in him during the many years that he worshipped as a Methodist before coming to live in Andorra.

John Pinnell – treasurer, website editor, and safeguarding representative, comes from a Congregationalist background and is possibly the member of the church who most appreciates the advantages of not having to fund the costs of either an old church building or a resident chaplain. He also appreciates the relationship with St George’s Barcelona very much.

Clare Allcard – licensed hospital visitor and organizer of funeral and memorial services extraordinary,  Clare brings incredible energy to all she does and an almost total inability to say “no” to people needing help.



Anthea Buckley – who is so very quietly dependable and can be relied on to amaze us all with her deep knowledge of the architecture and history of any church in Andorra (and Andorra has many small chapels in what were, many years ago, isolated hamlets).

Leela Herriman – our music master (sic) comes from a Dutch Reformed background and simply gets on with the business of selecting hymns and anthems, arranging for the organist to practice before each service and providing her own powerful contralto voice to the church choir.

Brenda Ross – a founder member of the International Singers, Brenda is the soprano that we need present to balance a pair of strong contraltos in the church, and currently provides the beautiful venue for our annual Church Garden Party (we used to call it a picnic until we all had tables and chairs neatly set out on a well kept lawn).

None of the members of our church worship committee are quite as boring as some people assume they must be. Almost all have lived in quite different places before coming to Andorra – including Bahrain, France, Hong Kong, India, Peru, and Spain. Only Clare Allcard, however, can claim to have lived for years on a boat sailing around the world and so have been effectively without a permanent address or church.