Monthly Archives: June 2015

Goodbye Canon Keith

Canon Keith Hugo has returned to Poole after spending three months with us during which time he officiated at four of our monthly Holy Communion services and three other services, attended our church council meetings and joined in life in Andorra.

Luckily Canon Keith likes walking in the hills – and he did a lot of that, including the climb up from Ordino village to the top of the Coll d’Ordino at almost 2,000 metres.

We will miss his good company, his quiet way of giving advice and his laughter with us.

Visitors from Toulouse

Across the first weekend of June we hosted eleven visitors from the congregation of Toulouse chaplaincy. We organized things for them to do and see in Andorra during the day o the Saturday and then held a successful fellowship, songs and silly games evening at the Hotel del Bisset where we also ate well from a ┬ápot luck supper and drank reasonable wines and soft drinks. On Sunday we held our monthly Holy Communjon service at the top of the Coll d’Ordino with beautiful views from nearly 2,000 metres up and Canon Kieth Hugo celebrating his highest ever communion service. This was followed by a glass of cava and then a picnic lunch. The visitors seem to have returned home happy with the experience of spending a weekend with us in Andorra – while we were very glad of their good company.

New site format – and what is behind it

The new site format is simply (and boot so simply) an update of the first version of this site on this vehicle – which went live almost four years ago.

What is important is what is behind the site – more controls over access to it. We now have some security software and what is really worrying is that already this has detected one persistent person – somebody using the log in user name of an administrator and trying 18 times to get into the site.

We have nothing on this site of value to a hacker – not even a lot of visitor details. But we have a hacker! Still.